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Given Name Birth Death Partner
Amy L. 1866-02-00   Allen, Charles P.
B. C. about 1837   Nichols, J. W.
Beverly     Chiles, Stanley
Cora 1909-03-05 1981-03-03 Eads, Asa C.
Cummie Lee 1937-05-06 2011-06-04 Huber, Arnold Phillip
Daisy Irene     Wilkerson, Everett E.
Doris     Sanders, Edmund Dewalin
Dorothy Marie   1993 Johnson
Elizabeth     Bolden, David
Elizabeth     Farris, William M.
Elizabeth about 1842   Howard, Henderson
Elizabeth A. 1870-05-00   Sanders, William Henry
Evelyn L. 1908 1989-03-27 Howard, Hiram Stone
Ferila Phebe 1813   Chiles, John
Frances about 1812   Risenhoover, John G.
Gladys A.     Howard, Wesley Jr.
Hazel     Chiles, Theodore Bryan
James     Hamilton, Sonia Danette
Janet Louise     Lorge, Yawn, Ronald Wayne
Louiza J. 1874   Brown, Bedford F.
Mark     Taylor, Tanya Ann
Mary     Bolden, James Franklin
Mary about 1807   Nichols, Alanson C.
May G. 1825   Fisk, William A.
Merkie     Mcdaniel, George
Mollie     Campbell, W. C.
Molly     Walker, Harding
Myrtle J. 1900-05-11 1963-07-31 Chiles, James Walter
Nancy A. 1838   Brown, Parks, Moses
Nancy Ann about 1837   Nichols, Isaac W.
Nola 1880-11-00   Eads, James W.
Rebecca     Eads, Harrison
S. Elizabeth 1859-09-21 1900-02-26 Couch, Ben F.
Sarah     Davis, James
Sarah J. 1865-04-01 1904-09-23 Eads, Noah W.
Sophronia     Leach, William
Vicki     Sanders, Shawn Eric