Howard, Vesta Parthenia 1

Birth Name Howard, Vesta Parthenia
Gender female


Living in Piedmont, Missouri in 1985.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1901-04-23 Missouri, United States    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Howard, George Washington1851-09-241943-03-14
Mother Dickson, Serena Cotton1861-09-161908-03-23
    Brother     Howard, John Wesley SR. 1876-10-25 1964-09-19
    Brother     Howard, Andrew Jackson about 1878 before 1985
    Brother     Howard, Elias about 1880 before 1985
    Brother     Howard, Hiram Stone 1882-12-00 before 1985
    Brother     Howard, Samuel Crawford Rev. 1885-01-19 1935-12-05
    Brother     Howard, Sherman Henry 1886-07-12 1967-08-08
    Brother     Howard, Thomas D. 1888-08-14 1958-01-16
    Brother     Howard, Harrison 1892-12-06 1932-07-15
    Sister     Howard, Helen 1894-03-25 1985-11-16
    Brother     Howard, Lee McKinley 1896-10-10 before 1985
    Brother     Howard, James Shafter about 1896 before 1985
         Howard, Vesta Parthenia 1901-04-23


Family of Guess, Earl and Howard, Vesta Parthenia

Unknown Partner Guess, Earl ( * + ... )
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