Welcome to my Sanders Family Genealogy page.

Important - please read the following information about this site.

My goal is to have as accurate as possible information about my family. As you can imagine that can be difficult. If you have any information, suggestions, or corrections, please contact me via email at genealogy@canofworms.com. I would also love to get pictures of family members past and present to add to the site.

It is also my goal to maintain the privacy of living family members. Only the names of individuals is shown here. Sometimes information about deceased family is not included because I do not have their death information in the database.

I am willing to share my database with other family members. If you are interested in having this information for your own genealogy project, please contact me at the email address shown above.

The information posted on this site is to be used for genealogical purposes only. By using this site you agree to abide by the terms of the "Creative Commons" license (link provided at bottom right).

This new version of the site was originally posted on August 6, 2020. It will be updated periodically as I update the information in my database. The previous version used a 3rd party application that was rarely updated and was beginning to have errors due to newer versions of the PHP language that it ran on. So, it was time to replace it.

Additional Links

Why not Ancestry.com?

The main reason I don't use a service like Ancestry.com is that I want to have control of my own data. Also, using a service can get expensive over time. Not just for me, but for other family members too.